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June 2017

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Dec 29, 2016



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Back to back to back 2nd at State XC

Short-Term Running Goals:

Win 3200m at Utah State track

Sub 9:10 3200m

Sub 4:15 1600m

Sub 1:56 800m

Goals above subject to change based upon events that occur in my life

Long-Term Running Goals:

Maintain a 4.0 and score higher than a 32 on the ACT

Get a good Scholarship and run super good in college

Go to the Olympics 
Become a famous Ath-e-lete.
Above goals may seem farfetched, but I believe that anything is possible, and I am going to work my b*tt off to accomplish them.


My name is Carson Horspool and I like to party. I'm a Senior at Pine View High School in St. George Utah. Captain of the Cross Country team. I’m 18 and a good kid and have a great life because I make good choices.. most of the time. Love competing and Track and Cross country are perfect examples of competition. 

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 93.94
(Retired) Saucony Type A Lifetime Miles: 235.90
Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Lifetime Miles: 431.77
(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Lifetime Miles: 367.75
Nike Airzoom Pegasus 34 Lifetime Miles: 160.61
Adidas Energy Boost Lifetime Miles: 69.27
Total Distance
(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 106.55Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 46.67(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 5.50
Night Sleep Time: 138.88Nap Time: 1.53Total Sleep Time: 140.42
Total Distance

30 minutes

​7:06 avg


​Solid first run of the season. Solid as in really hard. I got my wisdom teeth out last wednesday and I haven't eaten any actual food for a few days, so I'm gonna go ahead and use that excuse because it seems pretty valid. I'm excited for during the season when the runs actually feel good and stuff and the runs feel like they're helping my body and not destroying it. Can't wait for what's going to happen this season.


(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 4.23
Night Sleep Time: 7.80Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.80
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Total Distance

​30 minutes half on grass + 6 striders

7:16 avg pace

​Today was straight up 10x easier than yesterday's run. I ate two costa vida burrtios yesterday so I had a lot in my system, and I'm guessing that helped. Ran 15 min then finished on the grass with some striders.  Really confident for this upcoming season and it sucks that its like 2 months away haha. Kids club was good but I had a phsyical at 9:10 that I forgot about and my mom came to the elementary at 9 and was like "don't you have somewhere to be buddy?" Man what would I do without my mom..

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 2.00
Night Sleep Time: 6.57Nap Time: 0.02Total Sleep Time: 6.58
Total Distance

​40 minutes

7:31 avg pace

Nice run felt good on the legs. Coach twisted his ankle and ate a bucket of crap so that was cool. His hand looked gnarly. Went and helped Holt's brother and dad move a giant hot tub from their backyard and onto a trailer. Extremely hard work and definitely the most stress I've ever forced my body to endure. There was a point where we were in an awkward position and it was pretty much just me and Alex holding the corner of it and luckily he is shredded because I was dying. Once we set it down he like colapsed on the ground and I had to take a sit for a second. Ripped my finger open on the very last push so that blowed. Overall a good morning because a lot happened.

1. Coach fell hard

2. We moved a giant hot tub and my biceps are gonna be huge tomorrow (if that's how muscles worked, that'd be dope)

3. I learned what Plywood was.



Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 5.27
Night Sleep Time: 0.12Nap Time: 0.02Total Sleep Time: 0.14
Total Distance

33 minutes + 8 striders

7:23 avg pace

Loop down to telegraph and up the Parkway. Nice long uphill and then a quick downhill. My right quad was hurting pretty bad today. Hopefully it's just sore and I didn't hurt it or anything. It hurt especially bad during striders. Stretched it pretty good after practice and will throughout the day. Colton said there were some Nike Flyknit Racers at Ross for like $50 so I'll probably go check those out and get them today if I can. Actually, it depends on if my mom loves me enough:)

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 4.60
Night Sleep Time: 7.87Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.87
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Total Distance

50 minutes w faster finish

7:00 avg pace

Met at Sullivan park and ran out around Shinob Kibe on the roller coaster trail. Me and J cruised on that baby and gapped everyone by a bit. Looped around and rejoined everyone for a faster finish. Started out way too quick and didn't really ease into it, but we chilled and kept a solid 6:40 pace for the last few miles. Coach wants us to start doing quicker finishes on almost every run and I think this is a great idea. Especially if it ends up working and we can do it in races. My right leg right above my quad has been hurting the last 2 days and I'm guessing it's because I've really been focusing on driving my knees up and it's just tired from that. Been stretching and draining my legs at home after practice everyday so I should be safe from any long term injuries.


(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 7.20
Night Sleep Time: 8.65Nap Time: 1.50Total Sleep Time: 10.15
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Total Distance

35 minutes w/ 3x1 minute pickups with 4 min recovery

6:52 avg pace

Was up in Pine Valley all afternoon for my cousins wedding so I just decided to run while I was up there. Went from my grandma's cabin to the Resevoir. Very perty up there. Not too hard of a run because of the shorter minutes.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 5.40
Night Sleep Time: 9.77Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.77
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Total Distance

60 minutes total. 20 warm then 25 tempo and 15 cool

6:37 avg pace

Beast first workout with the boys. Missing Alex from our main group while he's at Boys' State but that's okay I guess. Had everyone with us for the first 2 laps, and Corbin fought a hard first half and clutched it up on his 3rd lap, and Evan started to die out when Corbin stopped, but we told him he could keep going and sure enough, he made it for the rest of the lap along with Colton Nathan Mikey Dylan and probably some others but I can't remember. Dylan is showing that he really wants to do good this season, and he made it with us longer than anyone else so that's clutch. Logan Julien and I pushed way hard the last lap because the freaking wind sucked, and we did a 2 man shield and just rotated. Overall not crazy hard, and it helped me foucs on being with the team and getting good positioning and then going for it at the end.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 9.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.14Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.14
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Total Distance

35 min + 8 striders. 20 out and 20 on grass.   Weights in afternoon

7:11 avg pace

Easy run with the first half out and finishing on grass. The sprinklers were turned on at the softball field, so it was soaking wet. And it just happens to be the coldest day of summer so far, and my feet were frozen. So frozen that when we finished and walked back to the school, i couldn't even feel the rough painful dirt on the field or the rocks on the gravel. Hopefully I didn't like puncture my foot or anything like that.

Kid's club after and some kid cried because something happened in the relay race and it was easily fixable but K-2nd graders don't understand anything and he wouldn't calm down so I started to leave him and he just followed me back crying and then when we cheered for the winners of the relay he flipped his lid. Oh darn. I don't think I'm gonna have kids...

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 2.60
Night Sleep Time: 6.53Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.53
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Total Distance

55 minutes Easy run

7:05 avg pace

Ran upper Grapevine trail. My upper quad like where it connects to my hip on the front was hurting pretty bad again, and I honestly think it's just from the knee drive. I'll get used to it, as it's not such a pain that would prevent me from running. Ran back with level 2's and then we extended around, and we did like 2 extra loops to get our time. coach is getting old and keeps forgetting stuff...

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 7.80
Night Sleep Time: 6.50Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.50
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Total Distance

75 minutes with 2x(1-2-1) pickups + weights in the afternoon

7:21 avg pace

First long run wasn't bad at all. Not very many people here today because of Church stuffs. I muffed up my ankle yesterday at the lake (i tripped on the way back--wasn't from doing some dangerous stupid ish). Hurt pretty bad for the first 10-15 minutes of the run but I forgot about it until I got home, and I can barely walk around my house and it's like super swollen, so that's cool. Overall beast run and shoutout to Nathan and especially Dylan because they're being freakings beast and they're gonna throw down this year. I'm excited.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 10.22
Night Sleep Time: 0.11Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.11
Total Distance

50 minutes +  6 striders

7:14 avg

8:Met at Middleton Park and ran a trail out there. Last time I ran this trail I ran straight into a barbed wire line the was at like chest height and I didn't see it until last second when I had jumped over the wire on the ground, and I caught myself by grabbing onto the wire and ripping my hands open. Made sure that I didn't do that this time. Felt good throughout the whole run, and we went up a super long steep hill, and once we reached the top it was just a gradual downhill for the next 1-2 miles. Finished the run at about 6:20-30 for the last 3 miles. Striders felt good and my ankle doesn't hurt anymore. Stuck around with Jose and Julien and did some trick shots. Made a 360 halfcourt off of a bench. Some people call it luck, I call it dedication. 

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 7.00
Night Sleep Time: 8.27Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.27
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Total Distance

55 minutes

7:04 avg pace

Really didn't want to get up this morning for some reason. Started out the run at like 8 AM and it was pretty nice feeling outside. about 15 minutes in the sun must've woken up or something because it got so freaking hot. Ran up to Highland park from my house and then back down. Hard push up that long sucky hill, and a harder push coming back with 6:40 last few miles. Came home and took a cold shower about 10 minutes after the run. I've never done that before and it felt pretty dang good. Definitely a hard push on this run and my heart rate was a lot higher than it usually is, even during workouts. Did some nice Yoga after too.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 7.90
Night Sleep Time: 9.17Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.17
Total Distance

90 minute long run with 2x(1-1-2) pickups with 5 min recovery

6:54 avg pace

Felt really good today. Ran down into Hell hole and out the backway and then ran back to Sullivan and Hell Hole and ran up out of it. Had to extend out a bunch and then make a million turns on the way back because we made it to the school in time for lvl 2's at 75 minutes and we still had 15 more. Picked up the pace a bunch the last few miles. Had about 6:30 left and me and Julien were the last ones still going, and I asked him if he wanted to shoot for 13 miles. We picked it up and he had to take a shortccut to catch up to me, but I ended up running a 6:01 last mile and then just jogged straight in to finish my time. It's good to know that I can push a hard last mile after 12 of them and be cofident that I can. Stretched suuuuper good because I don't wanna get hurt. Overall a great first super long run

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 13.00
Night Sleep Time: 7.32Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.32
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Total Distance

20 min + 20 on grass then 8 striders. Afternoon weights

7:23 avg pace

Felt fine today. Back started to tense up pretty bad during the last few striders. Gonna do some exercises to help strengthen it.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 2.70
Night Sleep Time: 6.42Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.42
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Total Distance

60 minutes

7:30 avg pace

Ran up turtle road and looped all over in the desert. Feeling pretty tired today from lack of sleep and from Monday's run. Gonna try to start going to bed earlier.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 7.80
Night Sleep Time: 6.73Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.73
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60 min hill workout.

20 warm. 5x1 min hills + 1x85 sec with jog down recovery and an extra minute after 3rd rep. cool to time

7:27 avg pace

Fun workout with the guys. Worked on pushing through and keeping the pace up the second half. I feel like it was a sucessful workout for mostly everyone and there was a good pack of us all together. Back started tensing up again towards the end. Hopefully I can figure this crud out

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 7.90
Night Sleep Time: 7.40Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.40
Total Distance

about 70-75 minutes

negative split

MY WATCH DIED AND I LOST MY CHARGERRRRRRRRRRRR. So that sucks. Ran with Colton and Mikey up the hill into middleton and then back down for a negative split run. Smart thinking from Colton. Just used his milage and then ran around the mall and guessed on how much further than him I went. Pretty chill run for me, Mikey and Colt seemed dead tho. Did some nice stretching today and did some productive stuff like cleaned out my truck and my room. Good day.


p.s. found my watch charger! Gooder day.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 10.30
Night Sleep Time: 9.25Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.25
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Total Distance

95 minutes

3x(1-1-2) pickups with 5 min recovery between reps 

7:03 avg pace

Beast long run. Felt super good the whole time. Mikey finally made it through a run without puking... or so I thought. He literally had 200 meters until the school and he started hurling all over, so that was cool. Me and Logan picked it up and got a solid last mile in 6:25. It was the longest 6 min of my life tho, because I was a little tired from the whole run and we had to loop around the school once and a half times to finish so that sucked. Overall felt like a good accomplishing run.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 13.50
Night Sleep Time: 8.03Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.03
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Total Distance

20 out, 15 on grass, then 8 striders. Weights and 15 min run in afternoon

7:28 avg AM, 7:13 PM

Felt fine today. Grass felt good on my feet. Weights and run were good because there was a nice breeze today. Meeting about traffic lights. Green is good.

(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 5.50
Night Sleep Time: 6.03Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.03
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Total Distance

65 minutes

7:53 avg

Felt pretty good today. Ran dino cliffs and it has a lot of nice uphills and downhills. I really liked it because it wasn't like sandy up hills, it was rocky. So you could just bound up the hill and not slip everywhere because you could actually push off of the ground quickly. Nice easy hilly run

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 8.30
Night Sleep Time: 0.11Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.11
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Total Distance

60 minutes Dirt Mile tempo for 25 minutes 

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 8.80
Night Sleep Time: 7.97Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.97
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Total Distance

55 minutes

"Small horse"

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 7.70
Night Sleep Time: 8.13Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.13
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Total Distance
(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 106.55Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 46.67(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 5.50
Night Sleep Time: 138.88Nap Time: 1.53Total Sleep Time: 140.42
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