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Herriman Twilight Meet

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Member Since:

Dec 29, 2016



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Back to back to back 2nd at State XC

Short-Term Running Goals:

Win 3200m at Utah State track

Sub 9:10 3200m

Sub 4:15 1600m

Sub 1:56 800m

Goals above subject to change based upon events that occur in my life

Long-Term Running Goals:

Maintain a 4.0 and score higher than a 32 on the ACT

Get a good Scholarship and run super good in college

Go to the Olympics 
Become a famous Ath-e-lete.
Above goals may seem farfetched, but I believe that anything is possible, and I am going to work my b*tt off to accomplish them.


My name is Carson Horspool and I like to party. I'm a Senior at Pine View High School in St. George Utah. Captain of the Cross Country team. I’m 18 and a good kid and have a great life because I make good choices.. most of the time. Love competing and Track and Cross country are perfect examples of competition. 

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 93.94
(Retired) Saucony Type A Lifetime Miles: 235.90
Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Lifetime Miles: 431.77
(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Lifetime Miles: 367.75
Nike Airzoom Pegasus 34 Lifetime Miles: 160.61
Adidas Energy Boost Lifetime Miles: 69.27
Total Distance
(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 48.10Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 52.20(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 28.70
Night Sleep Time: 148.97Nap Time: 6.33Total Sleep Time: 155.31
Total Distance

55 morning "long run"

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 7.60
Night Sleep Time: 7.83Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.83
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Total Distance

​10 + 25 afternoon

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 4.60
Night Sleep Time: 8.47Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.47
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Total Distance

​65 + E-stem on my back after

(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 8.70
Night Sleep Time: 8.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.00
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Total Distance

​15 morning + 45 afternoon


​Haven't really done weights this week because my back still friggin hurts.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 8.20
Night Sleep Time: 8.03Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.03
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Race: Herriman Twilight Meet (2 Miles) 09:47:00, Place overall: 2, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

​25 morning + 30 afternoon


After a very, very long day of AP testing, I'd say I did pretty good. I was shooting for a sub 9:30, but you don't always get what you want. I was in 3rd for the first 4 laps, about 10 meters behind some kid from Herriman named Adam (I only remember his name because EVERYONE there was cheering for him). 1st place was Talon Hull and he was way out of the picture... Anywas, I took the lead the 5th lap because we weren't going quite as fast as I wanted us to be going, and apparently I didn't really pick it up once I passed him. I just gapped him and then stuck a solid 1:13 pace for the last few laps. Really focused on form and such and Roberts said I looked super good. My ankle has been hurting the last few days and it was killing before the race, but luckily it went away as soon as we started racing. I don't remember twisting it or spraining it or anything, so I'm hoping it'll go away over the weekend. I am 100% rambling right now. Overall, not the outcome I was shooting for, but it felt very good for practically running alone. Plus I got a cool shirt for taking 2nd.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 5.50
Night Sleep Time: 7.95Nap Time: 0.25Total Sleep Time: 8.20
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​Did some sick trail run in Draper. Ran up quite a ways and down through a valley and up to the top of the other side, and you could see into a valley and all of the giant mountains all over the place. It was epic. Then, on the way back we found a single track and hauled BUTT down that thing. like 5:20 avg probably. Had to stop every time some bikers were coming up. Only almost slipped twice. One was incredibly scary because I couldn't slow down and was running straight towards a drop off, and the other wasn't as scary looking, but it caught me by surpirse and a bad word that substitutes "poop" may have come out of my mouth as tripped... But it's okay because we ended the run at the temple and it was dope looking.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 7.20
Night Sleep Time: 6.72Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.72
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Total Distance

Left church an hour early because my back was hurting. Took a nap and it didn't hurt too bad anymore.

Night Sleep Time: 10.30Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 10.30
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Total Distance

65 morning + 25 afternoon

​3x800 at CV (1:16-1:18) w/5 min recovery, 4x400 at 3-4 sec faster than 1600 pace (1:04-1:05), 4x100 at 400 pace (Fast lol) w/2 min recovery between reps.

​Dang that was a hard workout. Not really sure why, but I wasn't feelin to hot this morning. My ankle is still killing me, and I'm pretty sure I have tendenidus (A+ for spelling effort). I've been icing it every day and I'm guessing it'll go away eventually. It only hurts in the first few minutes of a run, or every time we start after stopping, and it KILLS constantly throughout the whole day. Excited for the 2 week break so I can recover ;-;


(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 12.40
Night Sleep Time: 8.12Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.12
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Total Distance

15 morning weights + 30 and striders afternoon


​Well I benched 65 this morning and squatted the bar and tried to dead lift only the bar and almost died so that's great. Just blogged all of my runs since April 25..... Gonna be more consistent. We've had some team meetings the last few days and I've realized that I've started sucking at doing the most basic of things necessary to succeed, so I'm gonna try to blog more. Actually, I AM gonna blog more. Every bloody day fam.

Region is tomorrow and Thursday. Gonna run a solid suicide pace, because this week seems like a good week to die. (Name the author of that magnificent cookie and I'll respect you a lot.) Going to try my hardest to embrace the pain, rather than let it punch me in the face. #Ready2Rek

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 6.20
Night Sleep Time: 8.35Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.35
Race: Region 9 Championships (1 Miles) 00:04:44, Place overall: 11, Place in age division: 11
Total Distance

20 morning + 35 afternoon & race


​Wow I really need to learn to run a good mile. I'm very grateful that I qualified the first time I ran it, because I haven't ran it good since then. Coach told me I just need to run in the front. That's the only way to run a good mile. This must be true, as Alex ran a 4:30 because he went out and led part of the race. I started out feeling super good and then just like usual I felt like crap on the third lap and pooped out. Need to figure out how to just go with the pain. Going to run hard and either succeed or die trying at state.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 7.60
Night Sleep Time: 8.43Nap Time: 0.50Total Sleep Time: 8.93
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Race: Region 9 Championships (2 Miles) 00:09:55, Place overall: 3, Place in age division: 3
Total Distance

45 minutes + 3200m race


​Not quite what we expected. Still quite happy with a solid 3rd place, but the 9:57 wasn't quite as good. I wasn't ready for championship style racing, and I should've taken the lead at some point and tried to make a push, but I wasn't feeling to great. 600 to go and Bryson King from DH was right on my shoulder, and I really didn't have much in me. I'm surprised I ended up beating him, but like me, he barely had enough energy to even finish. This race made me realize that a 9:50 somethin can hurt just as bad as a 9:30, so might as well run the faster one. Gotta have guts next week at state and get after it. Obviously, this wasn't my meet, but I really look forward to state next week.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 5.90
Night Sleep Time: 0.14Nap Time: 0.83Total Sleep Time: 0.97
Total Distance

​45 afternoon


No morning practice. It was nice to sleep in but vrey strange too.

Nice trail run up to Mustang Pass. We haven't been there in so long and we used to run it like once every other week, so the whole thing is overgrown with weeds and foxtails and stuff. Had to stop like 3 times to get them out, and I'm pretty sure they will be in my shoes for quite a while. Overall a good run and a nice quick pace for trail running. Oh yeah and Paul was here so that's cool too.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 6.00
Night Sleep Time: 8.92Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.92
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55 morning workout

15 warm w/5 of it easy tempo 6:10. 2x600 at 3200 pace then 4x200 pretty hard, all with full recovery.

​Not that hard of a workout. Just something to get our legs moving and control a solid pace. Hit 1:46 and 1:45 on my 600s, and the first 200 was like 33 and my ankle was freaking hurting so bad. Almost didn't do the last 3 but I kinda just shook it out and gave myself a running start on the next 3. Like 29-30-28. My ankle seriously hurts and I'm praying that it will get a little bit better by State next weekend and if not, that it will heal during the 2 week break.

(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 7.60
Night Sleep Time: 8.10Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.10
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​Ate 2 Cinnabon cinnamon roles today within 2 hours of each other, and then ate 3 pieces of some sort of strawberry cake at my aunts house. Hopefully I don't die ;-;

Night Sleep Time: 7.67Nap Time: 0.92Total Sleep Time: 8.58
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15 morning + 40 afternoon + 6 striders


​KICK IT! pt 2. Found a golf ball and kicked the crap out of it most of the run. Then Alex kicked it into a very busy road and it totally bounced under the car and into the bottom of it. Probably still in their parts and such under their car right now... Oh and then Julien kicked an orange into the air and it smacked the front of some truck that was driving by and coach got mad at him and they jogged down to the truck (Which had pulled of to the side of the road) and apologized. The poor lady driving it probably thought she hit a child. My stomach was killing me the last 20 minutes of the run, but I kept on'a truckin.

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 6.60
Night Sleep Time: 8.53Nap Time: 0.08Total Sleep Time: 8.62
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15 morning + 50 workout

​1 min at CV (5:05-5:10) w/4 recovery, 2 CV w/3 recovery, 3 CV w/2 recovery, 4 CV

​Really tough workout today. Not too stressful on the legs, more stressful on the mind and being mentally tough. My ankle pain spread to my calf this morning and it was killlllling. The workout was funny because I was trying to work on form and my left foot was heel striking hard and the other foot was on its toes driving the knee. Definitley awkward. Trucked on through and I'd say the cooldown jog back to the high school was almost harder than the workout hahah.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 9.70
Night Sleep Time: 0.13Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.13
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Total Distance

15 morning + 40 afternoon then striders

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 8.00
Night Sleep Time: 9.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.00
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Total Distance

​15 morning + 20 afternoon then striders


Nice shake out run at UVU. Searched for some "Secret Tunnels" that Alex claims are under the campus. The students supposedly use them when it snows super bad so that they can get around. We never found them, but we did find some eggs in the middle of their throwing field and that was cool. I went to chew out Neptune but he promises they aren't his eggs because he has standards and would never do something like that...

(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 5.50
Night Sleep Time: 8.78Nap Time: 0.75Total Sleep Time: 9.53
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Race: Utah State Championships (1 Miles) 00:04:33, Place overall: 9, Place in age division: 9
Total Distance

15 warm then race then 25 cool


​Didn't follow through with the place of running up in the front at all. Started on the inside of the second curve and thought I was in good position but after the first 100 I was in the back of the pack behind all of the 4:50 guys. Kind of moved up throughout the first 2 laps but wasn't being brave at all. I realized this the 3rd lap and passed everyone in that pack and was reconnecting to the back of the string of top guys. Pushed hard and ended up 9th. Not amazingly proud of that race because I know that I have had so much more in me this season in the mile, but I'm just glad I finally got out of my stupid 4:40 slump. Gotta have guts and I definitely will show them tomorrow.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 5.80
Night Sleep Time: 6.83Nap Time: 1.00Total Sleep Time: 7.83
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Race: Utah State Championships (2 Miles) 00:09:28, Place overall: 4, Place in age division: 4
Total Distance

15 warm then race then 25 cool


Missed the school record by 1 second.. rats. ​Definitely the best race of my life. Coach got after me yesterday for sitting back in the mile and being a wuss, and it added to my already super determined spirits for the 2 mile today. I woke up this morning ready to run the best race of my life. It's like I knew that there was no way I could possibly do bad. Started out and just decided to stay with the front group of guys the whole time, and if they slowed the pace down, I would take control and make it my race. This definitely did not happen, and you could tell by our 4:45 firts mile (Faster than Julien's mile yesterday in the actual mile ​race hahah). I started to get tired at the end of lap 5 so I took the lead and tried to recover just a bit, and the other guys did also and they passed me back 200m later, but it definitely helped. I honestly don't think I've led a single race this whole season, so it was defs different. 500 to go and Jensen and Caleb took off, and Jaden kind of did but his wuss power activated and he decided that he couldn't catch them so he kinda just chilled. I picked it up and tried to kick it in the last lap, and I was hurting. Jaden kept on sprinting then jogging, and I caught up to him jogging with 100 to go and fought until about 20 meters left and died hard, and he got a couple steps ahead and turned back and looked at me and lifted up his arms as if to say "Really? That's all you've got?" Definitely almost punched him in the face but my good soul told me not to. Overall a freaking beast race and I'm not even that sad that I missed the record because I know that I'm gonna throw down in XC and follow through to destroy in track next year. Overall a super dope season and I'm proud and thankful for everyone who helped me along the way. See you in two weeks.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 5.90
Night Sleep Time: 8.67Nap Time: 2.00Total Sleep Time: 10.67
Total Distance
(Retired) Saucony Freedom ISO Miles: 48.10Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Miles: 52.20(Retired) Saucony Type A Miles: 28.70
Night Sleep Time: 148.97Nap Time: 6.33Total Sleep Time: 155.31
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